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Recommended Figma Plugins for Developers | Double Efficiency
May 18, 2024

Recommended Figma Plugins for Developers | Double Efficiency

Figma plugins are good helpers for designers and developers, they can improve work efficiency. This article recommends several commonly used Figma plugins.

1. Figma to Code

Figma to Code

Currently supports: HTML, Tailwind, Flutter, SwiftUI

Efficiently convert Figma layouts into responsive web pages (HTML or Tailwind) or mobile applications (Flutter or SwiftUI), while maintaining the integrity of the original design. Our innovative approach automatically optimizes and aligns layouts during the conversion process without changing your project, simplifying your workflow. This free (no in-app purchases) and open-source plugin allows you to generate accurate and clean code that meets the best design and programming practice standards.

2. Design Tokens

Figma to Code

Figma Tokens is a plugin developed for the Figma design platform, mainly to help designers efficiently manage design elements, such as colors, text styles, etc. Designers can easily create and maintain a consistent design system with this plugin.

For developers, Figma Tokens is a valuable tool. It can automatically convert design elements into a JSON file, containing all design variables. Developers only need to copy these variables and they can be directly applied in the code, saving the trouble of checking the design draft one by one, saving time and improving accuracy.

In summary, Figma Tokens opens up the channel between design and development, improving work efficiency. It simplifies design and makes development easier to manage. By using Figma Tokens, designers and developers can focus together on creating outstanding products.

3. ExportX

Figma to Code

ExportX supports more format export capabilities, such as WebP, AVIF, etc., and supports compression during export, which can effectively reduce the volume of pictures and improve page loading speed.

Most importantly, ExportX supports direct upload to CDN, no need to manually upload pictures, saving time and effort.